By the Grace of God, His Excellency, His Most Eminent Royal Highness, Monseigneur Adib Murshed of the Rasulid Order, 34th Sovereign of the Qavloical People, Defender of the Ahl al-Wa’d, Highest Custodian of the Eastern Roman Rite, a proud libertarian anarcho-capitalist, is a co-founder of, both, the, association and the Mucho Holdings Company.

Adib is also the Western Pacific Region Coordinator among the LDO 2020 Executive Committee of the Liberal Democrats (UK) and the founder of the Australians for Liberal Democrats (UK).

Adib is an active member of countless organizations including but not limited to the Internet Society, the British Commonwealth Association of Legislative Counsel, the Australian Confederacy of Innovation (an Observer status holder of the Sovereign of the United Confederacy of Innovation) and the Permanent Synod of the Rite.

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